Your wedding ring is a memorial of your marriage. However, if you are stuck in a bad marriage, and decide to get a divorce, it suddenly stops meaning much. If money is what is keeping you from hiring your preferred divorce lawyer, selling the ring could solve the problem.

Hiring a good divorce lawyer, after all, goes a long way in winning for you what is your rightful share. Continue reading to know some reasons to sell your wedding ring after divorce.

To let go of the emotional attachment

The first thing that comes to anybody’s mind when they see that wedding ring is memories of the past. After a divorce, these are sour remembrances of the past. Selling the ring could be a decisive juncture in your life as an independent person. Keeping the ring could delay emotional healing and make letting go difficult. You need to welcome new changes and give love another chance.

To compensate for the expenses incurred in divorce

Talking of financial matters, divorce can be costly. However, with poor or no advice on how to go about it, it could be even costlier. The fee of the divorce lawyer isn’t too much, but adds up legal fees, division of assets, alimony, and tax, and it gets financially straining. Selling your diamond ring could actually take a lot of burden off.

To make finances easy as a single parent

You could have been financially dependent on your wife before marriage, and it is sure to get worse after divorce. If you are a stay-at-home mother, you would also need to take care of your kids. Your wedding ring doesn’t mean much at this stage, but it can provide financial security. It can provide food and accommodation while you get a steady job.

Get something that means more

It need not be financial reason that compels you to sell your wedding ring. After a divorce, the wedding ring could be meaningless altogether. Even so, it is an important part of your jewelry collection.

Sell the ring and invest in something you can use or wear regularly. It need not be jewelry, but something like a stylish rocking chair, or a facelift you’ve been wanting for long.

Selling it is better than throwing it away

Being rash about getting rid of the past is not advisable. Yes, there are people that throw their wedding rings away or flush it down the toilet. It is a dramatic act and gives a temporary release but hurts you in the long-term. The point is to get rid of it and benefit from it. Therefore, throw something symbolic, like an inexpensive gift your spouse gave you.

Celebrities do it

Your divorce lawyer won’t tell you this, but selling your wedding ring can help you emulate strong public icons. Hollywood actress Demi Moore sold her ring for US$250,000 to be able to move on officially. Elin Nordegren sold her rings from Tiger Woods, after their unceremonious divorce in 2010, for US$ 2.5mn. The legendary Elizabeth Burton received a massive windfall from her diamond ring.

Selling your ring will not only earn you cash, but empower you during your journey.