Divorce is not easy for anyone and there are many tasks involved. An individual in such a state is very depressed and emotionally unstable. It is good to consult with a legal firm regarding your divorce whether contested or uncontested.

The law firm having an experienced legal team will help in handling all aspects of the divorce, from property settlements to child custody. Their goal is to understand each client’s situation and adopt the most suitable course of action. This will make the divorce process as painless as possible.
The Process of an Uncontested Divorce

 Get expert advice about your circumstances and the legal requirements pertaining to your situation.
 They will provide you with options. Generally, most law firms in Singapore have fixed rates for an uncontested divorce.
 Finally, your divorce will be processed as fast as possible.

Things to Consider Before Divorce

Following things should be decided upon when going for an uncontested divorce.
• The parties should try couple counseling before final decision
• Must agree to the terms of divorce
• Sole or joint custody of the children
• Access to children by the parent
• Child maintenance
• Division of assets and finances

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

1. Less Costly: Uncontested divorces do not require attorneys and are carried out in private so the costs are lower as compared to a contested divorce. The parties negotiate on their own but if it gets difficult, a mediator is used. This will increase the cost but not as much as by using an attorney. This may be the cheapest way to divorce and will not require representation in a court.

2. Privacy and Confidentiality: Your negotiations are filed with the court but may not be necessarily put on public record. Only statements with the court can be accessed by public. This way your personal terms and negotiations remain private. It helps preserve the dignity and respect of both parties as they come to a mutual agreement.

3. Faster: Unlike a contested divorce, uncontested divorce is faster. The parties have already agreed on terms and there is no intervention needed by an attorney, hence the process carries out quickly. There is no wait for hearing schedules.

4. Less Emotional Stress: Uncontested divorce means the couple has talked about things and have come to a mutual agreement. This lessens the emotional burden on each party and means that they are ready to move on. There is a possibility that these talks about divorce terms might change things. In any case, it is less stressful than a contested divorce.

Why should you need to go through stress and anxiety because of legal proceedings of your divorce? The process of an uncontested divorce is simple and painless. With the help of an expert legal team you can get your divorce faster. If you manage to talk about things and decide on the matters by yourself, you will not have to go through courtroom trauma. With an uncontested divorce, your privacy and dignity remains intact and you come to an agreement that is feasible for both parties.

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