There are generally 4 types of custody orders for the child.

Joint custody order
In Singapore, this is the most usual kind of custody order. As the term suggests, both parents will together make major decisions for the child.

Sole custody order
This order means that the custodial parent may make major decisions for the child without the need to consult or seek the agreement of the other parent. In the event of any disagreements, the concerned parent would then have to apply to court to contest the matter.

Hybrid order
A hybrid order is like a “in between” a sole custody order and joint custody order.
The main difference is that it comprise of an order that non-custodial parent must be consulted by the custodial parent when making important decisions on matters such as regarding education.

Split custody order
A split custody order happens when there are a few children from the marriage. The custody of one child will go to one parent while another will go to the other parent. As such a practice is not encouraged, the parents must justify to the courts why such an arrangement is beneficial to the children.

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