Moving on in life after divorce is difficult for both men and women, but perhaps men are more confused than their female counterparts about how to start a new relationship after divorce. Many people have a wrong idea of what a woman wants from a divorced man. For instance, some men try to settle in too fast. They may start dating someone even before the divorce process is over or while they are still consulting a divorce lawyer. The good news is women are being increasing less skeptical about dating a divorced guy, thanks to the soaring divorce rates in recent times. Here are a few things that a woman typically wants from a divorced man she’s dating.

She wants to feel important

When a woman meets a man (no matter divorced or not), she wants him to make her feel on top of the world. If you are a divorced guy seeking attention of a special woman, you should go ahead and tell her about your feelings. Ask her to go on a date with you. Some rules better remain conservative. Typically, a woman will not take the first step, but you should. Make sure you ask her well in advance, so that she can take her time (or at least pretend to do so) before making a final decision. Also, tell her specifically where you want to take her on a date.

She wants commitment

Most women look for a committed relationship. Don’t let the increasing divorce rates fool you. Women still prefer a loyal husband when it comes to marriage. She wants to know whether you are ready to leave the world aside for her, even today. Not much has changed there. She may ask you why your first marriage did not work out. Was it your fault? Or, perhaps you could not save your marriage after the best of your efforts. If you fall in the second group, you are more likely to impress her fast.

She wants you to stand up for the right cause

No woman wants to date a faint-hearted man. You should be brave, straightforward and should have the guts to take the right decision at the right time, no matter what the consequences are. If you commit a mistake, you should have the courage to admit your mistake. The ability to accept your mistake shows character. It shows that you are a strong and honest man.

She wants you to be honest but not boring

Women clearly do not want to date a deceptive man, but they do want a boring guy either. There is a fine line between being sincere and being dull. You should be funny enough to make her laugh when things are turning out to be too serious. At the same time, you should be candid enough to question her if something about her behavior is bothering you. If you want to go on a tour with your friends, simply tell her directly. Don’t keep any secret that might later harm your relationship.