During a divorce, it’s the children that suffer the most. They are divided into two halves and their life can be seriously affected because of this splitting. Hence, it is very important to keep the needs of your children in mind and think of their future when going through a divorce. This is where the role of your divorce lawyer is so important to guide you through the process.
How a Child Thinks

First of all, it is very important to understand the thinking of the child. It is pretty common that once parent file for a divorce case, they start brain washing their children about living with them and stop thinking about the other parent. They tend to talk negatively about each other to the child to fill its little hearts with hatred for the other parenting half.
This is never the right practice because whatever issues you might have with your partner should never take a toll on the child’s love for them. Hence, there is a need to take another route and approach it differently.

Co-Parenting Plans

These plans are normally not agreed upon by the parents and they want full custody of their child. However, it leads to further conflicts and the case is to worsen. There is a third way out of this. To nourish the understanding and the mindset of the parents and to let them understand that their emotional decisions can be frightening for the child, there are several counseling programs that they have to go through.

In some countries these programs are mandatory to attend before filing for a divorce case. This is a great step because it secures the future of a child in a way.
Some Stats about Divorce and Children

To let you understand how bad have the affect been on children in Singapore, we bring to you some facts and figure related to the topic.
• According to a research, there are more than 50,600 children who were directly affected by divorce from 2005 to 2014.
• About 50% of divorce cases in 2014 had at least one child under the age of 21.
• According to the research, the highest percentages of children affected by divorce were aged below 8 years old.
• The divorce rate has increased to twice of what it was in 1987.

Understand your Child’s Feelings

Children especially the ones under 11 year old have fragile minds. They may not understand the complexity of the matter and what led you to the ultimate decision of splitting. Therefore, it is important to understand how they would react to the situation. You may want to settle the deal with peace and in a healthier environment just for your child’s sake.

How to Seek Help

There are several agencies which can help you with the dynamics of divorce and child custody. A decent divorce lawyer would never suggest you to take complete custody of your child and risk its future if you are financially unstable. Therefore, you should carry out detailed research before filing for divorce and make sure you pick the best person for the job with reasonable divorce legal fees because it’s a question of your child’s future.