Below are some marriage tips from marriage counsellors to keep your marriage strong

1. Do not forget the small things
Think about the times before you two were together, how did you let him or her know that he or she meant alot to you?
For example, did you buy her flowers during special days or for no reason? Did you spend the day with her or him when your partner is down, moody and out? Or did you make small little cards to let your partner know that you care? If you have done any of these things or similar ones, continue with them. Don’t stop doing it.

2. Even after marriage, know that you might still lose your partner
By now you should know this is not true. In fact, divorce rates are going up. Do not take your partner for granted and continue to do what you did during your courtship days. Tell yourself it is only the start even after you have exchanged your wedding vows.

3. Be a good listening ear or talking buddy to your partner
It happens when your partner just goes on continue to grouse about things that happened in the day, be there for your partner, listen and emphathize with the situation rather than ignoring or putting your partner down. Realise that silence is not the key to an effective relationship. If you really don’t feel like talking or no mood to do so, let your partner know rather than give him/her the cold shoulder. This might lead to a quarrel.

3. Make more love to each other
As life is getting hectic with work, children, shuttling to and fro, the intimacy might just fizzle off.

If possible, set a date night for just the two of you, if there are children, leave them with your parents or in laws, and go for the date. Hold hands, cuddle, and do things that you two did before everything seems to just go busier for the two of you. And lastly, not forgetting, have regular love making sessions to rekindle your passion.

4. Accept your partner for who he or she is
Interestingly, many people like to change their partners. Please come to accept that you can change no one except yourself and you should take your partner as who he/she is. Stop trying to find fault and change your partner to what suits you better. The best relationship happens when both parties fully accept their partner’s strengths, weaknesses, see each other as equals and have equal respect for each other.

In the event you are unable to work things out, and need a reliable and experienced divorce lawyer, contact us for a non-obligatory discussion.