Undergoing a divorce is tough, as your entire life is set to undergo a massive change. However, if you happen to have children, the change is especially hard on them. It is a time of uncertainty and even fear. As parents separate, lack of mutual respect often makes visitation a harrowing experience. Hire a good divorce lawyer to seek advice on the legalities of visitation. Here are some useful tips on handling it well.

Never argue in front of children

Visitation is when you focus on your children and help them feel comfortable in a time of familial crisis. Young children can overhear much more than what you might think, and this leaves a negative impression on their minds. Avoid arguing in front of your children, and sort any differences when they’re not around. Consult your divorce lawyer and have any problems sorted in advance.

Try not to be late

Most people have a tendency to be late, but try to be punctual as far as visitation is concerned. Children need to be habituated to a schedule for picking up and dropping off. Moreover, when you arrive late for a meeting, your children feel neglected and the exchange is full of tension. If you are running late, inform the other parent in time and apologize.

Have a calendar

Both parents should have calendars to coordinate visitations smoothly, and mark dinners, vacations, and overnights. Children need to feel that the focus is on them and neither parent should fail to make any scheduled appointments. A calendar also helps mark each parent’s visitation days clearly and help kids anticipate these visits. This also helps cut down on misunderstandings and arguments between you and your ex.

Help them not feel guilty

Children often feel guilty for continuing to connect with the other parent. Therefore, it is important that you encourage them and welcome their relationship with the other parent. Your kid may also need a little time to adjust to your home after returning from the other parent’s place. This could be out of feeling guilty about leaving the other parent or acting disloyal to you. Give them space to readjust and seek professional help if required.

Make children feel welcome and at-home

A good divorce lawyer helps to acquire the custody of your kids, but they can feel a little unsafe in a new environment. That is why it is important to encourage them to get toys, books, clothing, and other comfort items from the previous home. Keep these articles ready for your kids to carry to the other parent’s place and back. Some things might bring back bad memories, but you need to be generous.

Don’t cut off communication between children and the other parent

It is natural to resist letting your children call the other parent just after a visit. However, children are sensitive and can easily feel deprived of the company of one parent. Encouraging them to make calls wishing the other parent good night and good morning is a way to make them feel well-cared for.

Lastly, choose a good divorce lawyer, for they can help you set up visitation schedules and custody agreements in the best interest of your children.