The divorce rate in Singapore and other parts of the world is increasing faster. This may be considered negative by the social experts, but the bitter truth is that it is quite tough for any man or woman to spend remaining years of life by just compromising and tolerating the unwanted or unexpected activities of the legalized spouse, and this is what today’s advanced psychoanalysts also believe. If you think your relationship with your partner is on the brink of breaking, you first consult a divorce lawyer and discuss all your problems, mainly the signs that you often receive openly or tacitly from your spouse.

Here are a few but highly important signs that your partner wants a divorce. These signs are not only important to probe into your partner’s unnatural behavior, you need to even understand your present state of mind in every activity related to your partner and what you want actually – divorce or reconciliation.

Life is Sexless for a Long Time

Although not the most important, but sex is one of the vital elements that constantly bridges a healthy relationship between wife and husband. If you or your partner have grown apathy to sex with each other and have not had it for a long time, this is one of the strongest indications that your nuptial is in trouble.

Constant Clashes in Decisions

For a happy couple life, both of your decisions are always vital in every step. Days of a patriarchal society are gone when the families had existence only on men’s decision. In a majority of the cases of disturbed couples, we usually get to see that one partner is not ready to respect the decision of the other partner. This is how conflicts start between the couples and they continue fighting with each other even over petty issues. If you can relate the same with your present situation, you must seek advice from a well-known divorce lawyer who can guide you for future steps.

Involvement in Other Activities & Emotional Distance

Do you think your partner returns late more than often? Is there any sign of disinterest in spending time together? Emotional attachment is always vital in a viable relationship. There are a few signs to judge the emotional distance between both of you. For example, keeping oneself unnecessarily busy with TV remote and spinning the channels, remaining busy with mobile phones, a high tendency to avoid your soft queries, irritation in behavior with you, leaving early for office and returning late regularly, often skipping dinner at home together with an excuse of overwork and meal provided at office etc. These are some signs your partner wants separation.

If you truly want a divorce, you must satisfy the court with valid reasons provided the fact that you have been married for at least three years. However, if your relationship has turned tumultuous and you want the separation at the earlier then you will have to put forward your partner’s unreasonable behavior, physical or mental abuse, gambling, no participation in sexual activity, adultery (better part is to hire a private investigator) etc. It is always advisable to take suggestions from your lawyer.