According to the Ministry of Social & Family Development, younger grooms between 20 and 24 years broke twice as many marriages as those aged above 25 years. The percentage of marriage dissolution has risen among recent marriages as compared to old marriages. These eye-opening stats reflect how quickly people divorce:

Among those spouses who married in 2003, over 16% had dissolved their marriages before reaching the 10th year of marriage. On the other hand, of those who married in 1987, nearly 9% had ended their marriages before reaching the 10th year of marriage.

Furthermore, there are many who have broken their marriages in 15 years. To be exact, 20.3% individuals who got married in 1998 ended their marriages before reaching 15th year of marriage. If you analyze this trend among those who married in 1987, you’ll find only 12.3% divorcees who ended their relationships before reaching 15 years of marriage.


If you study Singapore’s marriage dissolution trend of past 15 years, you’ll observe that younger people had dissolved their marriages more frequently compared to the ones who had married late. Here are some more details of this particular trend.


According to the Ministry of Social and Family Development, 33% of the grooms (under 25 years) who married in 1998 had divorced before 15th their wedding anniversary.


Surprisingly, the marriage dissolution rate among Muslim couples is showing the negative trend. If you consider Muslim marriages that lasted for only 5 years or less;

  • 14% of the Muslim marriages occurred in 2003 ended before this period.
  • 11.4% of the marriages that took place in 2008, have ended in or before 2013.

The decrease in early divorces was made possible by the efforts of Muslim community that indulge in marriage preparation, counselling and enrichment of couples. The marriage counselling program for Muslim couples began in 2004, and more than 27000 people registered ever since. So far, 42% of the referrals have changed their minds and decided not to divorce their spouses.

Such programs are vital for the improvement and safety of the prestigious institution that keeps society values in balance. Here, it is worth mentioning that you can take valuable advice from your divorce lawyer Singapore, if you’ve been going through tough married life.

The rising divorce rate in Singapore is now in competition with many developed countries, such as New Zealand and UK. Although, these countries still have higher marriage dissolution rate, there won’t be any surprises of Singapore matches them if the following marriage preparation program ended in a failure.


MSF rolled out a marriage preparation programme in May, known as PREP (Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Programme). It is a 12-hour programme designed to help couples resolve their disputes and learn to live together. The main aims of PREP include:

Moreover, there are other related courses offered by MSF and couples can get $70 discount if they opt for them along with PREP.

It’s too early to say anything about the impact of this initiative. However, the involvement of couples indicates they’re far more serious in constructing strong relationship, than ever before.