No matter how peaceful it is, divorce is a disturbing process. It can be stressful physically and mentally, and it’s undoubtedly a time consuming process. Not to mention about the expenses and financial hits one suffers. In past few years, Singapore has seen quite a rise in divorce cases. Divorcees have been dealing with high divorce lawyer fees just because they lack proper knowledge on divorce, and are unaware of the resources that can help them minimize their expenses.  People lost their homes, businesses and important assets. Particularly, women who have the right to maintenance have been finding it quite hard to get monthly payments from ex-husbands.

What could you possibly do to minimize your expenses?

While division of assets depends upon the agreement between the parties, or the court’s verdict, you can reduce the expenses incurred by hiring a good divorce lawyer in Singapore at reasonable fees. Moreover, you can also take assistance from the following resources:

1. Legal Aid Bureau – Government funded program

Legal Aid Bureau is a support program for those who cannot afford expensive lawyers within their income. You can apply to this government-run program and pass Means Test to prove that you cannot afford a lawyer. After examining your position, the bureau would arrange a divorce lawyer to fight your case.

2. Funded Institutions

In Singapore, there are quite a few institutions, trusts, foundations and charities that can provide financial assistance during divorce process. AWARE is one of the best examples of such institutions. For example, AWARE has a support group going through divorce which can be signed up here. Apart from that, local bar associations also provide free legal advice to people who qualify for special programs.

3. Legal Hotline

You may have problem with your spouse while the case is in the court. It may happen that your spouse will throw away your stuff out of the house. He might restrict your access, may stop you from meeting your kids, or create any unexpected issue. If you received abuse, threat or any other offense from your spouse, you can immediately call the legal hotline and discuss your issue with legal experts for free.

Even before the divorce process, if you find yourself in any of these situations, you may call the local hotline to get assistance.

4. Self Help Clinic

To learn in great depth, you can contact self help clinics and ask anything you want to know pertaining with divorce. You can search these self help clinics online, or call the local courthouse for more information. Courthouses offer these programs to ensure people know the major steps of different legal processes. They also assist people hiring low-cost divorce lawyers. As divorce is related to civil court, you need to search programs offered by local civil courts.

5. Local Law Schools

Talking about legal clinics, law schools also run legal clinics to give their students some experience. In general, clinics cover civil and criminal matters, or they may be held periodically for particular legal issue. These clinics are held for free, because law students need real life cases to improve their knowledge of the field. They are supervised by law professors, so there is no need to worry about immature advice. Search law schools in your locality and find out about the legal clinics.