When a divorce is unavoidable for both parties, it can be really difficult to deal or talk about financials at this point of time. Not forgetting during this period, a person who is dealing with the divorce will have to handle other aspects like family, friends and children.

However, it is noteworthy that it is better to start thinking about managing your finances especially when your finances are merged with your spouse. A divorce will affect your finances besides your personal emotions. Hence, to handle the shift, it is encouraged that you start thinking and working on the finances part when you decided on your divorce.

It is strongly recommended that you work out with your spouse on separation of the finances before applying for a divorce. After working out a decision with your spouse, do also discuss with your appointed family lawyer so that they understand the situation and can handle the finances well for you. The first part will be managing all your finances including the common assets (property, shares, bonds), taxes, loans and any items related to shared monetary resources between the two of you.

If you have always been dependent on your spouse to manage your finances, now is really the time to gain awareness and control of your personal finances so that you can move on yet with your finaces secured after your divorce.

Some of the things to take note of during your working on your finances are:

If there is any common property shared between the two of you, do consult your lawyer. If necessary, the joint account should be freezed, and if there is any property bought together, your lawyer can help to ensure that the sales of property does not take place without your consent during this period of time. In short, if you have any doubt, it is good that you declare and ask your family lawyer.

If there are any loans, it is good to work this out. Some common examples, are shares and stocks bought in joint name, house loans, car loans and any other such loans that are under both names. Should the loan be continued to borne by either or both parties, this should be properly discussed and come to a conclusion.

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