In Singaporean, somehow it appears that when it comes to marriage, married couples find it a struggle to maintain their family lives for long. According to DivorcePad, Singapore has been among those countries where one out of 9 married couples is considering or wants a divorce. The statistics are getting worse.



Most of the time, parties wanting to divorce are emotionally charged. Following are some important reasons for divorce in Singapore:

  1. Emotional issues leading to violence
  2. Financial issues
  3. Disagreement between parents while rearing their children
  4. Couples get bored living together
  5. Incompatibility of any sort
  6. Confusion in having children
  7. Religious differences

Following statistics indicate that first two are the major issues contributing to more than 57% of divorces in the country.



In any of these situations you need a divorce lawyer Singapore to part ways for good, but there are some community touch points to help you resolve small differences. Apart from the intensity of differences between the two of you, it also depends upon whether both of you are willing to continue your married life. Remember: no matter how worse your relationships are, you can always try to remove differences through negotiation and compromise.

Based on each of the above mentioned reasons, here are some tips that you can do on your own, before deciding to part with your life partner.

1. Unreasonable behavior can be prevented with the help of counseling.Unreasonable-Behavior-300x175-compressor Spend some time alone and realize what your spouse hate about you. Where is the real problem? Are you being too aggressive and over-reactive? Do you need to manage your anger? Is there something in your spouse that annoys you? Counseling will help you sort out your issues. You may want to include elders who are experienced enough to guide you.

2. Financial problems stick with everyone, even with 1% world’s richest individuals. Believe it! You’ll have more if you live separately. You need to calculate your resources and prepare budgets by taking suggestions from your spouse. By sharing problems and getting help, both of you will evaluate where you should save and what unnecessary expenses you can cut.

3. Children may not be important for you or your spouse. This situation demands proper understanding, planning and patience. If you want to have baby and your spouse is against it, consult your doctor to get best advice. If there’s any financial obstacle, refer to Childcare and Infant care subsidy offered by the government.

4. Boredom is an issue and it change if the remedy for it. By changing your preferences, schedule, habits and other such things you can change the way you live. Observe boring things and express your feelings properly to make your spouse understand what you really want changed.

5. If you haven’t considered, or have compromised on, religious differences while marrying, you can always find a way to remove them now. Instead of looking at the differences, focus on the similarities.

If you think you’ve tried everything and nothing worked out, consult your family lawyer to file the Divorce Writ.