On July 29th, Department of Statistics Singapore released 2014 Marriage and Divorce stats. These facts and figures show positive trend in marriages and downward trend in divorces and annulments.

With over 28,000 marriages in 2014, the marriage rate rose by 8.2% as compared to previous year’s 26,000+ marriages. This also indicates that among every 1000 unmarried males between 15 and 49 years, 44.4 married in 2014. The number was down at 40.5 in 2013. On the other hand, number of brides in 2014 was 40.8 out 1000, as compared with 36.9 in previous year.

DOS facts also showed a rising trend of later marriages. The median age for men has increased by 0.8 years, while that of women increased by 0.5 years. This was due to:

  • Majority of grooms fall between 30 and 34 years, and
  • Most brides fall in the age group of 30 to 34 years.

If you’re a divorce lawyer singapore, you’ll be happy to see how your marriage counselling helped people sustaining their marriages, as divorce and annulments dropped by nearly 3% in 2014. There were 7,307 divorces and annulments last year as compared to 7,525 in 2013. If you watch it closely, you’ll find:

  • 2 out every 1000 males split up with their wives. The rate was 7.3 out of 1000 in 2013.
  • 4 out of 1,000 females divorced their husbands. It was 6.9 in 2013

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Did it happen because of latest improvements in family law? Has marriage counselling helped them? Or, was it just to save divorce fees? Different experts have different opinions about decreased divorced rate in 2014.

  1. Baby boomers – the most interesting observation came from experts who believe that the majority of children of baby boomers have reached marriageable age. According to Tan Err Ser, Sociologist in national University Singapore, baby boomers have turned 50+ last year and some of them have reached 69 years of age. It’s obvious their kids should follow their path.
  2. Backlog of singles – Tan added that singles (including parents, divorced and unmarried) have reached 40, piling up the backlog which may have been the cause of such a high number of marriages in 2014.
  3. Marriage and Parenthood package 2013 – Another deduction was, the decision of marriage must have been the result of enhanced package on parenthood and marriages, proposed in January 2013. However, most of the experts agree that the majority of people getting married last year had other plans.

Arthur Ling of Fei Yue Community Service says that Singaporeans are more focused on improving their financial position before getting married, and they would care least about enhanced package to get married.


Interestingly, crude marriage rate has not been too consistent over the past few years. Divorce rate has dropped but not as significantly as it was expected. Still, the onus of strengthening a relationship lies on couples.

Upon this rising trend in marriages and decreased number of divorce in Singapore, Chairman of Families for Life Council, Ching Wei Hong said, it’s still too early to say whether this trend continues to grow and move towards positive direction, although this aspect has been consistent for past few years. Hong added that couples (married or unmarried) should acquire necessary skills and gain knowledge to sustain marriages, to help strengthen what we call the foundation of marriage.