Cheating on the spouse is one of the most common reasons for divorces in Singapore and a considerably large number of divorces recently are a result of the wife cheating. Not only has the divorce raise risen in the recent years, divorces because of unfaithful woman has increased to 5 in every 10 cases as reported in an article in The Sunday Times. This was a very low number a decade ago, only 2 or 3 three out of 10 of the divorce cases involved a cheating a wife.
With the divorce rate, the social atmosphere has changed as well. Earlier it was not quite easy for women to apply for a divorce and an unfaithful wife was deeply frowned upon. Now, the condemnation has lowered. Now women are getting more freedom so they are catering to their own needs as well. Back in the day, many women even accepted their husbands having a mistress but now the dynamic has changed.
Another finding about this new phenomenon in divorces in Singapore is that the cheating wives belong to different walks of life. Many people tend to assume that it must be working women or women with a high rank in the corporate world. That is not the case as many of such divorce cases registered in the past few years involved housewives as well. Another surprising finding was the age of these women embroiled in divorce because of infidelity. While most were in their 30s or 40s, some were even in their 50s.

As compared with men, women having an affair outside marriage tend to end the marriage. Some lawyers suggested that women are not particularly interested in having a continuous extramarital affair.

Many of these women are unsatisfied with their marriages and when someone who makes up for what is lacking in their marriage comes in their life, they move on with them. Men, on the other hand, many a times want to keep the marriage alongside the other woman.
According to the data from the Department of Statistics, up to 2.1 percent of the divorces filed between 2004 and 2014 reported adultery to be the reason. Of these cases, up to 34% involved the wife committing adultery. But divorce lawyers suggest that the cases involving adultery are much more than this number because many people do not mention adultery in their divorce case although it is the prime reason. This is due to the involvement of investigators to gather proof for this and such investigation can cost some heavy amount of money.
Another reason adultery often goes unmentioned during divorce is that it is considered indecent and shameful. So spouses negotiate between themselves to protect their dignity and cite other reasons instead. In any case, one thing is becoming clear that it is not only men who cheat; women seem to be catching up. However, the reasons can be different from those for men. This changing trend can be credited to the changing social dynamics as well.