Having to deal with a divorce is an emotionally crushing experience. While your personal life remains in doldrums, the practicalities of the world around you ceases to disappear. This simply means that you need to brace yourself and keep up the pace with work and other equally important aspects that demand attention. Your work will need special focus simply because; a divorce has its own financial repercussions too. You will now need to provide for yourself, pay for your divorce lawyer and case proceedings and perhaps support your kids too. Here are a few ways to remain focused on work during such tough times.

Do not mix priorities

Remember, “out of sight” is essentially “out of mind.” It is important to keep your personal life away from work as much as possible. So, plan the review of divorce related documents, emails and so on after work. Calling your divorce lawyer during office hours or going through motions and complaints during this time is a strict no-no. You will simply lose your focus and find it difficult to finish pending tasks within the stipulated time. Keeping legal communication structured and regular will help avoid emotional turbulences when you are at work. It will also help to cut down your legal bills.

Setting up distinct boundaries at work is important

Workplaces are full of nosy people who are always looking at intruding in your private space. Remember, it is up to you to keep your personal boundaries defined. Determine, how much or how little you wish to discuss about your personal life. Never allow anyone to intrude in your personal space and push you beyond a point you are not comfortable with. Doing things like continuing to wear the wedding ring to work simply to keep these inquisive people from asking too many questions, is a bad idea. Going back on your past will only intensify the pain and the sense of loss. All you need to do its maintain a professional demeanor and put your foot down whenever required.

Make happy additions to your workplace

When it comes to transition, we tend to remove things that are no longer relevant but forget to replace them with happier alternatives. So, every couple photo you remove, replace with a picture of your kids, your parents or other family members who matter. Accessorize your work place. Use your favorite colour theme. Pick a few quotes of encouragement and positivity, and use them to adorn your work desk. Bringing in some fresh flowers is one of the easier ways to add zing to your workplace. Do your bit to change things for the better.

Find ways to exhale

While having a divorce is perfectly normal, sometimes you may find it a bit difficult to handle. At times you may find it difficult to accept that you are actually going through a separation. Do not suppress your feelings at such times. Pick up the phone and call a friend. Do simple breathing exercises or indulge in your favorite beverage for solace.

Picking up pieces after a broken marriage can be extremely difficult. While an experienced divorce lawyer helps in dealing with legal proceedings, the emotional aspect needs to managed by you and you alone. Be positive and never lose hope.