Having a divorce is hard, but after it finally happens, you have to pick yourself up and move on in life. If you do not take the right steps after divorce, you could be socially isolated and mentally unwell. For matters of property and the custody of your children, you can hire a good divorce lawyer.

However, any psychological and emotional scarring needs systematic healing. Here are some practical ways to leave the bitterness behind and move on after a divorce.


After the mourning period is over, you will need to forgive your former partner. Experts opine that newly divorced individuals have a propensity to harbor anger and hurt inside. During the initial period, you may prefer to live a low profile life, but not forgiving your partner for a long time would mean torturing yourself.

This could be a negative sign for the future, and may hinder your future progress. Holding on to bad memories is going to backfire, so attempt to create opportunities for new experiences.

Reclaim your singlehood

Even though it is hard to go back to exactly where you were before marriage, it can give you more freedom. Go back to doing the activities you enjoyed, or visiting the places you used to frequent when single. However, avoid any experiences of your past life that remind you of your ex.

This is especially important since it would mean reclaiming things that you had to compromise for marriage. If you have not been to a movie for a long time because your spouse hated watching movies, it is time to go for one, now.

Do not isolate yourself

If you are more of an introvert, and recently divorced, avoid shutting yourself up in your home. You could feel embarrassed, ashamed, and it could be tempting to hide our supposed vulnerabilities from the world. Another reason why people often stop going to social gatherings is fear of future rejection.

Try getting back to your old friends. Join a support group, where you can find similar people like yourself. Other ways are volunteering for events, schools, and places of worship.

Consult your divorce lawyer

It is no use stressing yourself about the custody of your children. Many relationships are dragged through the mud just because both parties fail to reach an agreement regarding this. Even if your divorce is relatively uncomplicated, a good divorce lawyer helps alleviate any stress.

Division of assets, arranging important papers, spending time in court, and consulting with psychologists and other attorneys can have damaging after-effects. Consult a good divorce lawyer to avoid this.

Pamper yourself constructively

It is essential to start rebuilding as soon as you separate. It could start from fulfilling a wish you have had for a long time now. Getting a new haircut or joining hobby classes could be a great way of introducing change in your life. Avoid taking to alcohol, smoking or binging on junk food to beat the stress.

The post-divorce period renders you prone to a state of emotional upheaval. Your diet could suffer, and so could your sleep. To avoid this, take time out every day and pamper yourself.