Popular media tends to construct a rather dreadful image of divorce, projecting it as an acrimonious courtroom tussle between husband and wife. All this, apparently, happens out in the open, subjected to public glare. Litigations are bound to see people sitting in the gallery and watching the proceedings. Regretting on social media about not hiring a competent divorce lawyer when there was time, could also rob you of all privacy. However, a divorce need not always take place out in the open. Read some ways to keep it private.

Consider Private Mediation

A good way to keep things under wraps is to hire a mediator or a private judge to adjudicate. With private mediation, divorces are generally settled within a day. Litigation in the court is open to all and privacy cannot be expected. However, if you don’t want a judge or the public to have complete access to your trial, a private judge can help to resolve any problems in the divorce procedure. However, hiring mediators/private judges is generally costly. Therefore, you could hire a reputed divorce lawyer instead and get the trial over and done with, quickly.

Litigation in Private Chambers

Singapore marital law allows couples to seek private chamber hearings. However, for this, the grounds for divorce should fall under section 95 of the Women’s Charter. In this case, the only ground for divorce is an irretrievable breakdown of marriage. This requires the partner filing divorce to confirm the contents of the Statement of Claim and Statement of Particulars. This is followed by a Memorandum of Appearance by the defendant, which will furnish their consent to the divorce.

Go for Collaborative Divorce

This not only helps you avoid public attention, but helps you part ways with your spouse, amicably. However, collaborative divorces require specially trained divorce lawyers with experience with collaborative family practice. In collaborative divorce, your divorce lawyer will adopt a facilitative role as against an adversarial one. If you and your spouse fail to agree on a consensus, your CFP lawyer will be barred from representing you in the litigation. This encourages separating couples to settle amicably outside of court.

Choose Confidential Settlement

Traditional divorces involve the opening of a public record in the court. Accessible by anyone, this file means your divorce isn’t private. However, with confidential settlement, spouses agree on a confidentiality agreement in order for minimal documentation to be filed. Details like child support and custody are recorded in a written agreement.

Get off Social Media

Sometimes, individuals undergoing a divorce unknowingly divulge critical details themselves by posting everything on social media. Personal attacks by your ex-spouse, or pictures showing them in compromising positions, could bring the divorce out in unnecessary limelight. You cannot control the activity of your former partner, but you can avoid it and prevent further trouble. You might want to open up and express your feelings, but avoid doing it on social media.

Pictures and posts that have no serious motivations might get interpreted and scrutinized in different ways. Lastly, you want the divorce to get over as early and amicably as possible. Do not defer getting a good divorce lawyer, for they will help you with documentation and support during this period of undiscerning public attention.