Divorces are more common than you think. If you are currently going through a divorce, your divorce lawyer can help you protect your legal rights. But, dealing with the emotional consequences of a divorce could be more difficult. If you have kids, your divorce can affect them badly as well. How they react to your divorce depends on a number of factors, including their age, maturity levels, and mental strengths. In any case, however, you should make an attempt to help your kids deal with your divorce more easily. A little support from you can go a long way to boost their morale and help them cope better with the stress. Here are some useful tips

Do not fight in front of your kids

Fights between the two partners are a common scene during a divorce. While you may not be able to stop fighting completely, make sure you do not fight or argue with your partner in front of your kids. Also, discuss the legal issues with your partner only when your kids are away. The daily routine of your kids should not be disturbed.

Make them understand it’s not their fault

Mostly, kids blame themselves for their parent’s separation. Try to convince them over and over again that whatever has happened is not at all because of them. Make them understand that sometimes adults can’t agree on things and have to live apart. But kids and parents relation is bound for a lifetime. Nothing can change the relation between them. Tell them that you’ll meet and spend good times with them, even after the divorce.

Be prepared to face tough questions

Every child is different. Some kids may take the news of divorce in the right spirit, while others may find it more difficult to accept. At this time, they may ask you a lot of questions. For instance, your kids may ask you whether they will live with you or with your partner. Some may want to know about the upcoming changes in their life. You need to be prepared to face such questions. Keep your calm and answer each question convincingly. Your answers can make a lot of difference.

Break any false hopes

It’s often possible that your child is having a false hope of you and your partner’s reunion. Discard this hope in the best possible way as soon as possible. When hopes die, serious emotional breakdown takes place. So don’t wait for such situation to occur.

Try to know their feelings about divorce

Try to know their feelings about the divorce and explain them: it’s perfectly fine to be sad. Also, encourage them to share them with you. Tell them that both you and your partner will be with them throughout the life.

Try to cheer them up

Try to make them happy. You can plan vacations with them and make them feel that they are still yours first and foremost priority. Give them freedom to meet their grandparents, uncles, aunts to show that nothing has changed.


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