Married couples that use social media are 32 percent more likely than those who do not use it to think about consulting a divorce lawyer, according to a recent study by Boston University. If your marriage is in trouble, maybe social media is to blame for it. While social media helps keep you in engaged in a virtual world, it may make you unsocial in the real world. It often perpetuates negative emotions like jealousy, hatred, suspicion and mistrust in your mind before you even know about it. Thankfully, there are ways to use social media more sensibly, without letting it affect your marriage. Here are some useful tips.

Perform a profile checkup

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, check your profile page and make sure there is nothing that can hurt your spouse. For instance, your relationship status should be marked as ‘married’ and your profile picture should not feature one of your friends from opposite sex. These simple things can go a long way to affect your marriage. So act before it’s too late!

Double check before you post

Some of your recent Facebook posts may have offended your spouse, even though you did not mean it that way. So be careful. Always think twice before hitting the ‘post’ button. Is there something in this post that can hurt my partner? Ask yourself this question every time before posting a massage or photo on social media.

Do not cutoff face-to-face conversations

For your marriage to be successful, you and your spouse should spend quality time together. Do not keep yourself busy with social media when you two are together. Leave the phone aside and talk face to face.

Know your priorities

It’s great to have many virtual friends following you, but they can never be a replacement for your spouse. Never prioritize a virtual friend over your spouse.