If you think divorce is the only thing they cover, you’re underestimating family lawyers. Just like divorce is the last thing you need, it is the last yet important responsibility of family law solicitors as well.

This post focuses on the role of a divorce lawyer singapore in dealing with legal aspects of various family issues. You’ll know about the areas where professional assistance becomes vital to protect your rights, whether it’s a marriage, separation, divorce, distribution of assets or child custody.


Although, family law circumscribes all family matters, major issues in which you need a family lawyer, include:

1. Civil marriage: A family law attorney offers legal advice to couples, stating legal implications and limitations of civil marriage. Some major concerns include:

  • Polygamy
  • Both or at least one of the parties should be non-Muslims
  • Both the parties must be 21 years or more. If either of the two falls below this limit, there must be a proof that the he or she had married before and the marriage has ended.

2. Muslim marriage: Similarly, you are going to need a family law solicitor for Muslim marriage. Some important points include:

  • A man can marry four women, if he has sufficient financial resources and positive consent of existing wives.
  • Age restriction is 21 years. If one or both the parties marry below this age limit, they can do so if they’re above 16 years and have their parents’ consent.
  • Mahar (just like alimony) of at least $200, must be given to the female spouse by the male spouse.

3. Cohabitation: family lawyers often provide advice on cases arising due to cohabitation. Here, parties are advised about their rights and possible options if all attempts to live together fail.

4. Prenuptial agreement: also known as premarital agreement or ante nuptial agreement, a prenuptial agreement is made prior to marriage. It protects the rights and financial interests of parties related to marital agreement. Here, your family attorney can advise whether a prenuptial agreement is feasible or not.

5. Separation or divorce: if things are not going well, and your relationship starts to weaken, better consult a divorce lawyer for help. He can advise you the best way to resolve family disputes. If still, you think living with your spouse has become unreasonable, you can hire a professional attorney at a reasonable divorce fees. Some major points that only a professional can clarify, include:

  • Filing a Divorce Writ with proofs of marriage failure
  • Residence in Singapore
  • Duration of marriage
  • Distribution of finance and property
  • Maintenance payments
  • Child custody and maintenance

6. Child custody: Your family law attorney is responsible to provide necessary information related to child custody. You may need to know whether your children need counseling as you move towards divorce. You may, as well be needing counseling sessions to learn how to take care of your children as divorced parents.  Moreover, your divorce attorney ensures protection of your rights and duties toward your children.

Surely, some of the points must have caught your attention and you may want to know their details. So, contact DivorceLawyerSG.com and learn how you can resolve your issue.