It’s quite hard to continue the life after divorce and deal with your ex. Normally, people avoid seeing each other for years and in the process, they ignore that they’re not letting their kids spend good life.

Whether divorced, single or married, everyone wants to live happily. And there are two main reasons for it:

  • Kids are the most important reason why you should forget the differences quickly and get along after divorce. Like mentioned above, people easily ignore that they have children; and they need both their parents to raise them. While both of you can’t be together, you have to sacrifice your ego and take out some time for your kids.
  • Keeping an angry face will give you wrinkles before you reach 50. And its also keeps you away from enjoying other important things in life, such as, your kid’s birthdays, sport-day victory, graduation and many other things. It’s quite difficult to overcome your emotions, but the early you do it, the better it would be for you and your children.

Here are 7 ways to spend time with your ex that no other divorce lawyer can tell you.


The best way to manage or minimize your anger is visualization. You need to accept that you cannot control every event of life. This is why we say, “Life is full of surprises”. Divert your attention and energy on positive pursuits. Instead of dwelling in the past, live the moment and enjoy with your kids.


Start your post-divorce life thinking about the problems and their solutions. Discuss them with your ex. Talk about the events in which both of you need to be present. For example,

  • Shopping,
  • Church,
  • Annual school-day,
  • Events in which your kids are participating.

To do these things, you don’t necessarily need to be friends with your ex-spouse but you must do your part in reducing the impact for your child or children. Just play your part and that’s it!


You may be good in teaching and helping your kids finish their homework. So, don’t let your ex take this responsibility. Don’t show your kids you dislike him or her. Be patient and try to master what you’re good at.


It takes courage to spend time with the person who has just parted ways. It’s even harder to appreciate that person on good things. But as you do it, you will learn how easy it can be to raise children without extra effort. Let your ex take part and nurture them.


Most of the people complain that they have to deal with same rude behavior from their ex while kids are around. Remember: you’re better and stronger, and perhaps more good looking than your ex. So, don’t spoil your personality because of some words that are no more meant to be taken seriously. Moreover, never say anything bad to your ex-spouse in front of your kids.

Start is always difficult, but if you have your kids’ future in mind, you can take on this challenge. The result will be much better, as you will see happy and prosperous kids who will take care of you for the rest of your life.