There are certain points in life where a marriage is challenged to an extent of divorce. So we have witnessed in Singapore. The rising divorce rate in Singapore has gained her a place amongst the top six countries in Asia.

The total population of Singapore is around six million. The most recent official statistics reflects that among 4% residents of Singapore’s, the marriage failure rate is especially high among the 20s and 30s age group.

The median age of divorce rose in past ten years. The average ages for male and female divorcees were 42.6 years and 38.4 years respectively in 2014, up from 39.0 years and 35.3 years in 2004.

By the beginning of 2014, one in five marriages in Singapore had resulted in divorce; compared with one in eight in 2003. This is alarmingly higher than underdeveloped Asian countries.

The reason behind such drastic increase in divorces is that divorcees are no longer regarded as social outcasts. They are being accepted as marital misfortunes as a modern living and an individuals’ right.

Before you make up your mind finding a family lawyer for separation or divorce, it’s better to try certain things for yourself, as dissolving a marriage is something that should be given a considerable amount to think over.



There might be things you once loved perhaps have started to bother you very much. Don’t start an argument and make it a debating contest. He/she is your spouse not a competitor. Try keeping low tones and zero attitudes. Control your emotions.



Your spouse might actually be right about you. Try changing the perspective you are looking into the situation. Walk in your spouse’s boot. Consider finding the reason and solutions to the arguments rather than quarreling for sake of degrading other.



Save your relation by being honest. Take responsibility for your actions. And when the other shows honesty one should always have the tendency to forgive and get over it. Easier said than done? Well something has to be done to save the relationship.



Family on whole is the one who suffers the most in such decisions. You children are dragged through courts and are exposed to unnecessary chaos which may result in various personality disorders as they gain maturity with time. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to spouses to consider their decisions as parents rather than an individual.

However if these methods do not work, you can hire specialized divorce lawyer Singapore. The kind of decision divorce is, it not only affects the spouses but their children as well. Whatever may be the reasons of getting a divorce, it brings along many complications with it including:

All these complications may have a direct impact on an individuals’ emotional, financial and legal stability. To cater with all such serious issues, one needs the assistance of an expert. Singapore has her own lawsuit when it comes to divorce. And it proceeds accordingly.