Divorces are on the rise in Singapore, up from 7,307 in 2015 to 7,522 in 2016. Clearly, more and more Singaporeans now understand the importance of getting a divorce vis-a-vis staying in a bad marriage. The rise can also be attributed to the increased availability of good divorce lawyers in the country. Nonetheless, a divorce requires objective thinking, and being careful while making a decision. Here are the dos and don’ts during a divorce.

• Prepare for a change in your living standards. Hence, it is important to budget accordingly, keeping it realistic. Unlike earlier, you could have just one source of income after a divorce, and planning should begin well in time.
• Close any joint accounts you have with your spouse. You would never want to share debt with a former partner. To protect your assets, close all your joint bank accounts before the divorce is finalized. Open a fresh, separate account to start building your own credit.
• Know your options for getting custody of your children. Ask your divorce lawyer, because the rules could vary widely, depending on the case. Generally, both parents can spend time with the child using joint custody. Care and control, referring to the child’s place of stay, is generally with the mother, and the father commonly gets reasonable access. However, if you think the situation requires a different solution, consult your divorce lawyer.
• Disclose all your property and assets. Transparency is highly important to make the litigation easy on you. Don’t try to gift any property or assets to your relatives, arranging for them to return it afterward. Your spouse could easily drag you to court later in case of suspicion.
• Consider collaborative divorce, which involves an amicable discussion among the parties and their divorce lawyers.

• Don’t ignore the need for a reputed divorce lawyer, especially since your spouse will leave no stone unturned to have it her way. Attorneys can not only do the documentation on your behalf, but help you take all the right steps. Do not be afraid to ask any questions, and consult them about the expected outcomes.
• Don’t refuse to communicate, since cooperation will help to get over with the divorce earlier and for less. Unless the marriage involved abuse, it is better to be civil with your spouse, especially if you have kids.
• Don’t start any bad habits like alcoholism to cope with the exhausting nature of the proceedings.

Remember that you matter more to yourself than anyone else during a divorce. Take care of your mind and body by joining a fitness center. If you think it would help, you can even seek assistance of a counselor.

Also, don’t take any big decisions during an ongoing divorce, like taking on a new job, or getting married. Do not schedule any vacationing or traveling either during this period. Remember, the court is not concerned about your schedule. If they call you for something, you have to attend. Do not attempt to, or make plans for moving to another state until the divorce has been finalized.