Getting divorced is probably the worst feeling. Splitting up with someone you have lived with for a long time can be quite agonizing. Not only the couple but the whole family goes through pain and suffering the impacts of which can be life-long.

Each family is crucial and the impact of divorce can lead to devastating consequences, not only for the families but for the country as well. Singapore has seen a high number of divorces in the past and the impacts are visible in Singapore arts, culture and history. With the country looking to improve upon its values and norms, couples and their children are being helped to sustain their relationships.

Anyhow, here are some stats for your eyes…

Some Eye Opening Stats

Following stats are quite astonishing and you might be surprised to read some of them.

Women and Divorce

Women are much severely affected by divorces. However, it has been found that women initiate divorce twice as much as men. The effects of divorce on women suggest that women can face quite a tough time after getting divorced especially if they have children. According to facts, around 65% mothers do not receive any support by the government.

It is also important to note that women are able to better cater to the stress and depression. This is because women are normally more adaptive to changes than men. Also, for them it is an opportunity to take up new life roles.

Men and Divorce

When it comes to men, divorce can be a tough situation for them. It is because men find it difficult to deal with emotional problems and so they can take a longer time recovering from a divorce. However, divorced men attract more sympathy and support from child daycare centers than women.

It has been researched that men try their best to save marriages and avoid divorce as much as they can. Therefore, their emotional set back is understandable after having tried everything to salvage the relationship. They tend to cut themselves from the society and develop habits of smoking and drinking.

When it comes to children, men are generally more sensitive and caring especially after divorce. Fathers who agree on joint child care program are seen to spend more time with their children and they invest heavily in on children’s education and growth.

Children and Divorce

It is always said that children face great troubles and problems after a divorce. Their mentality and thinking about their parents can be distorted and the divided attention to their parents doesn’t help the cause too much. However, researchers suggest that it’s not just the divorce that affects children.

Normally, children see their parents fighting over issues before a divorce and the researchers say that it is the main ingredient that affects children’s mental and physical growth.

Researchers suggest that there are three major elements that are attached to children when it comes to divorces.

  • Duration and intensity of fights.
  • Parents’ involvement with the child after divorce.
  • Relationship of the child with both the parents.


When it comes to divorce, the effects can be severe and can take a toll of people’s mental and physical conditions. Therefore, one must always consult professionals such as psychologists and divorce lawyers before taking any such extreme decisions.