Human beings are incredibly affected by issues to do with love and relationships. They will wander, wonder and fight to have healthy relationships. Those who are not likely to get partners or people they can share their love end up frustrated and commit suicide. The type of love involved in these three scenarios; dating, courting and marriage are purposely for pleasure and recreation. This essay will, therefore, expound on the three terms, their significance in choosing the right life partner. Eventually, a brief summary of the document will be provided to consolidate the paper into a beautiful ending.

Courtship involves the relationship between a man and a woman purposely to seek God’s will to get married to each other (Bloom, 1987).

At this time, the parents, relatives and experts involved provide guidance and counseling to ensure that the involved parties develop a deep relationship that can lead to marriage. For the two couples, it is the best time to practice Patience and faithfulness as they wait for God’s timing for marriage (Proverbs 3:5-7).

It is during courtship that the involved parties prove the ability to resist temptation and experience purity sanction from God. This is a decisive instance in one’s life since it involves not giving away your love piece by piece to many suitors through careless dating but surrendering your entire heart to one life partner. In most cases, courtship is always unique and attractive because there are different families, choices of when, where and how courtship will be.
During courting, there is no failing (Dadzie, 2013). This is because when the two parties realize that it was not Gods will get married it is therefore still considered successful. In some cases when termination of the courting occurs or when they have to engage a good divorce lawyer, there is pain, hurt, damage and hatred between the parties. Sometimes it turns out so badly that others commit suicide due to overwhelming feeling of failure and peer pressure that is an immature thing to attempt. The parents and relatives should play a significant role in supporting the affected young adults through encouragement (Manila Bulletin, 2011, February 5).

On the other hand, dating is simply a human mating process in which two opposite sex meet socially come together at a level beyond friendship.(image of dating couples)
This is for the objective of evaluating the other person’s relevancy in becoming an intimate partner or for marriage. Broadly, dating is a form of courtship that includes social endeavors that couples do together. In dating sphere, there is no strictness on the partner accountability, and rarely parents are involved. The attraction that exists between the two parties is not demanding, and, therefore, the influence of each partner to the other is not that deep. Since the ties and the boundaries that exist here are self-determined, in most cases the couples succumb to temptations.

In conclusion, there is no much pain, damage and shock when one partner fails to be responsible for honoring the other in true love and purity. The love here is characterized with a lot of promises and just-by-the way vows that are not tangible and feasible. Some people get confused between courtship and dating quickly. The primary difference between the two is that, dating the period is characterized by self-gratification and lust that forms the basis of the relationship. Unlike in courtship where the couples concentrate on God’s pleasure, dating is occasionally harnessed for personal pleasure.

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