When the family court decides and makes a parenting order, they are required to consider the best interests for the child. Hence, it is always good if one can attain a settlement with the spouse, especially for the sake of the child.

In Singapore, both parents are liable for the child’s welfare and upbringing till the age of 21 years old. That said, in certain circumstances, the maintainance order may be extended – Some of the situations can be perusing education or serving national service.

The aim of the family aim is to consider the child’s relationship with the parents and also in the event if there is any abuse, the courts will look to protect the chid from it.

Some of the factors the family court takes into consideration are:

  • The court will seek the views of the child and also the reasons behind it.
  • Relationship of the child with his parents
  • Does any of the parent refrain the child from contacting the other parent?
  • The impact of changed circumstances on a child`s day by day schedule, incorporating detachment from a guardian and careers e.g. grandparents and relatives.
  • Who can better provide for the child`s financial and emotional needs
  • The parent`s attitude towards the child and their upbringing.
  • The lifestyle and maturity of  of the child`s parents.
  • Is there any threat or violence shown by one of the parent or his/her family member towards the child.
  • Has the parent been participating in decision making about major issues about the child.
  • Quality time spent with the child.

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