There’s no one who suffers more from a divorce than the couple’s children. When you ask a child with divorced parents about their life, the answers can be depressing most of the times. It is probably an unthinkable situation for those who have the privilege of having their parents together.

Handling children after divorce is a fragile matter because it’s a matter of their whole life. A child’s physical and mental development can be badly affected at times. Children are left divided between their parents with a feeling of incompleteness and longing for love. In a way, a child’s life is broken into halves out of which they are only allowed to pick one.

Deciding on who keeps the custody of children after divorce is one of the most controversial thing in a divorce. Parents are divided between logic and emotions and it can be hard for them to make a decision. However, it is important that parents make sensible decision. They should ensure what’s best for the children and who should they live with.

This is where you should give due consideration to what your divorce lawyer suggests. You will be able to make better decisions in the light of professional guidance from your attorney. We will highlight some of the important aspects of child custody that will help you make a better decision.

What the Law Says

According to the Singapore law, application for custody should be done to the court. The judge will make a decision based on all the facts and figure presented in front of them and they may or may not consider your wish.

What You Should Do

The decision has to be made by the court regarding who does what. It is important that you keep your aims straight and do what’s best for your child’s future. If you can negotiate outside the court, there may never be a need for you to apply for your child’s custody at all.

Work as a Unit for One Last Time

This can be quite tough and a bitter pill to swallow. However, you have to do it for your child’s future. For one last time, ask your partner to collaborate in making the right decision for your child. If you two coordinate, things can be sorted out with ease.

Don’t Let Emotions Overpower your Thoughts

It is quite easy to get bogged down by the thoughts of getting separated from your kids. However, this is where you have to be mentally strong. Never let the emotions get the better of you. Focus on what’s best for your child.

Child’s Education

When you give due consideration to your child’s future, education is the first priority you will have to set. The one who can afford better education for your child should be the automatic selection for custody.
Mental and Physical Growth

Make due consideration about the locality where your child should live in. Try and ensure that your child grows up with the best people around him.

Once you make the above two considerations, it will become easier for you and your divorce lawyer to handle the case in regards to custody.