A new important point of law resulted due to a marriage between a German man and a Ukrainian woman. They gave birth to a child and separated within 19 months.

Before the couple divorced in Year 2012, the Ukrainian woman has been given control and care of their child under the GIA ( Guardianship of Infants Act). However, the court has ruled that such orders can be subjected to review in a divorce, when the court decides on isses such as child custody and asset division.

This will mean that although the court order was initially in the woman’s favour under the above Act, but this decision could change when the High Court decides to be so due to the merits of the case.

So as not to deny both parties and the child of the broader discretion conferred to it pursuant to the Women’s charter, the Ancillaries Court would have to give fresh consideration to the matters of care and control and custody, said the Judge presiding over the case.

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Source: AsiaOne News


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