About Moving On

A suffocating marriage can wreak havoc on your mental and physical well-being. Until recently, a divorce can be a terribly socially embarrassing and unpleasant event. Not many people would consider the option despite a marriage that is obviously no longer working and causing a lot of emotional distress to both parties just to stay in it. While people today are more open-minded towards separation, it is still not easy to go through the court process of a divorce. This is where MovingOn can help you.

At MovingOn, we provide online guides, case studies and contributions by practicing lawyers, counselors as well as people who have been through this journey before. The resources here will help guide you through the formalities of a divorce, from beginning to the end. Besides being an online resources we also provide avenues to find a good lawyer. We understand that each case is different and requires a unique approach.

A One Stop Resource Library

Our website is a reliable source of information about divorce laws and how to avoid the common financial mistakes during a divorce. Right on our website, you can find answers to questions that might have been deferring your decision to take the next step all these while or even to take a step back to reconsider. If you are not sure whether you are eligible to get a divorce or how you should oppose to the writ of divorce served against you, head right over to our site and discover the details.

It is very important to make informed decisions throughout every stage of a divorce. We have a dedicated article section on our website, where we regularly post articles and important statistics to educate people who are planning to get a divorce. These can be frequently-asked questions about divorces or news about the latest law changes and social trends. We believe that it is always important to keeping you up to date with the law, public cases, news and social trends.

We Help You Find The Right Lawyer

When finding the most suitable lawyer for your case, be it division of assets or custody of your children, a good divorce lawyer in Singapore should help you protect your rights. They should know the divorce laws of Singapore inside out, they will should keep you updated throughout the court process, and will also file papers on your behalf, if needed.

The process of getting a good divorce lawyer in Singapore is not easy, because not many lawyers have enough experience dealing with divorce cases. At MovingOn, our goal is to make the job easy for you. You can simply choose from the top lawyers listed in our website or even ask for a quote. Most of them have years of experience dealing with divorce cases in Singapore.

We, at MovingOn, aim to assist you with all the necessary information, resources, and contacts you might require during a divorce. Our mission is to make it easy, time-saving, and less agonizing for you.