According to Chief Justice Singapore Sundaresh Menon, divorce-related counselling and mediation services will be provided in the new premises “Ministry of National Development Complex” located in Maxwell Road. This is the move to reduce the workload and improve the frequency of mediation so that the couples can get timely resolution to their family issues.

Apart from mediation and conselling, the new premises will also look after another issues, such as adoption registries, mental capacity registries and probate services. On the other hand, following departments will continue operating at Havelock Square:

  • Youth Courts
  • Family Courts,
  • Divorce Registry,
  • Protection Order Service

This seems to be an impressive move towards resolving family conflicts as, according to CJ Menon, these issues are expected to grow with the passage of time. Now, more people contact their family lawyer for mediation and counselling, as a result of extra pressure and stress caused by workload.

“Couples work longer and this puts pressure on their relationships”, said the Chief Justice Singapore.

Number of people consulting for divorce, counselling and mediation has been on a rise.

  • So far, during the period October 2014 – August 2015, over 24,600 family related caseshave been registered in the family division of High Court, Youth Court and Family Court. These issues include family violence, probate and divorce cases.
  • In 2014, there were 28,341 family cases. The comparison is shown below:


The role of a divorce lawyer in Singapore, judge, social worker and other related professions has been more significant in restoring love, understanding and peace between the spouses. At the same time, the success of this decision lies on these professionals who work as solution providers. They need to be on toes and timely.

If resolution of family issues work better for anyone, that will be kids. According to Jennifer McIntosh, while it largely depends upon the issues between spouses, most of the time children forget who they are, and become caregivers for their parents.  But that’s not same for all children, as few children become arrogant and ignorant.

Pro McIntosh proposed Child Inclusive Dispute Resolution model in which children play their role in minimizing conflicts and fights between their parents. The results have been exemplary so far, as the model has shown significant decrease in family disputes. However, the model only works in case when:

  • Parents understand, their children love both of them and try to resolve their disputes
  • They allow their children to take part in family matters and accept their suggestions as parents

Recently, she has been working in Singapore training Family Justice Courts on how to counsel parents and help them implement this approach.

Family issues have been increasing throughout the world and the major factor behind separation and divorce has been excessive stress. With the passage of time, people have become self-dependent. They show less tolerance and try to implement their own rules. In doing so, they end up creating problems for themselves and for their kids. In this context, the decision taken by CJ Singapore is appreciable as he intends to provide quick and high-quality resolution for families.

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