According to statistics, it might be possible for a married person to be in touch with a divorce lawyer in Singapore. This statement might surprise you, but the statistics published by United Nations are quick shocking.

According to United Nation’s report published in 2011, Singapore was among the top 10 Asian countries with highest divorce per 1000 people, in 2010. In just two years, the country went up 3 spots securing 4th position.

Although, divorce rate in Asia is comparatively less than Europe and North America, the fact that makes Singapore more noticeable is the rise in divorce rate despite of the law that discourages early marriage breakups.

The reason of divorce can be anything but most common reasons are:

1. Women have the upper hand in divorce cases
2. Difference in aging processes in both genders
3. Money and inflation are two main causes
4. Marriages older than 7 years have higher probability of divorce.
5. Adultery is more common in men than women
6. Cost of accommodation is quite high

If you have any of these symptoms and few small, unresolved conflicts lately, better call marriage counsellor or choose an attorney at reasonable divorce fees. To make it a peaceful process and to start a new life, you can learn from these tips.

1. Deal With Your Emotions
Mostly, people do their best to save their marriages, but very few are clever enough to prepare themselves for worst. You may seek guidance from marriage counselor who can suggest you the better alternatives.

2. Divorce Lawyer and Court May be The Right Option
Complicated cases, especially ones that involve assets, properties and money, should be dealt with carefully. If you have children, let the court decide who should have their custody. They can become burning issues if the lawyer has other motives than a simple divorce.

3. Prepare to Lose
You’ll surely lose some of your assets, may be a 3-room HBD that costs as high as a mansion in Thailand. And this is where an experience lawyer negotiates tactfully. Be patient, let your divorce lawyer Singapore handle the issue and prepare to accept court’s verdict.

4. Impact on Children
If divorce process ends smoothly, it means both the parties have mutually agreed on child custody, or have accepted courts verdict. It will help the children to understand the situation and cooperate with their parents too.

5. Community Adjustments
You might loose some friends and community. Common friends will either choose you or your spouse. Deal with it. However, you can reduce this impact by going through smooth divorce process. This will give a message that both of you still respect each other’s privacy and character.

6. Learn to Live Single
Prepare yourself to make your own breakfast, iron clothes, laundry, pay your bills and other shared responsibilities. The quicker you accept the facts, the better it is to live alone. Give yourself time and avoid self-blaming. Spend your spare time in meditation and yoga.

7. Rediscover Yourself
Avoid indulging in broken relationship. Instead, think positively and learn from your mistakes (Remember: marriage isn’t a mistake, people make it though). Learning and understanding will help you rediscover yourself and start a new life.