Singapore has been one of the countries with highest divorce rates in Asia. Parents seeking divorce in Singapore constantly search for divorce lawyer to get expert advice pertaining with kids. They’re concerned how to raise them as strong and healthy kids. While support groups and counselling can offer you with best tips on childcare, it’s also a good option to let your kids participate and teach you what they want from you. They may have something important to tell you.

Here you can find out five advice from popular writers who grew up as kids of divorce.

1. Jeaiza M. Quinones

She says her life changed after her parents had divorced, in a good way. According to her marriage and parenting are separate things. In fact, marriage doesn’t determine how good a parent you are. Your life does change as a spouse, but you should not let this emotion affect you as a parent. Its obvious that you have been under lot of stress throughout the divorce process, but if you continue to treat your kids like a good father or mother, you will have more credibility. Quinones shared that her parents had proved that you can still take care of kids independently and help them grow stronger and better.

2.Toria Sheffield

A popular Huffington post author and writer shares her secret. She suggests that you shouldn’t be worried too much of post-divorce life and its impact on your kids. They’re smarter and already know that families have crazy issues, because they learn it from their friends. They share their family stories and have their own opinions. They might think its bad to get divorced but they also know how to survive in this situation. So, you can save your energy for improved self-control and awareness about childcare as you raise them.

3. Mary Katherine Backstrom

The writer comes up with probably the best advice. Divorce may end smoothly but it always starts with sour thoughts and harsh words. Never pass on bad words bad words in front of your kids, because they’re quick to learn. Their future is based on the actions you perform in present. So be careful about what you do. Think positively as you go through the divorce process. Hire someone who can provide extra services within the divorce feesBe calm and composed and let your kids participate in determining your future. You can continue your education, get a degree and start a fresh career for yourself.

4. Greg White

A famous photographer and writer stresses on father-child relationship after divorce. You ought to be there when they need you. Greg’s parents divorced when he was four. His mother remarried and he was adopted by his step-father. Greg missed his birth father whom he met on just three occasions. According to Greg, it’s important that you should fight for your right as a parent, because your child needs you more than anyone.

5. Zach Rosenberg

Zach stresses on paying attention to child’s needs. He said it’s very difficult to schedule visits to his parents as they have their own commitments. He wants his kids to meet their grand parents at least once a week but it’s tough. Here, Zach emphasized that kids have a natural desire of seeing their parents closed together and happy. Although, divorce makes it a luxury for them, parents must take out some time for their kids just to fulfill their wish.