Most of the times, the adult may not be the one suffering that bad, as they have jobs and finances secured for future, but your kids have a right to get support from their father. They have every right to question you about the same thing.

Read some replies from divorce women who have been through tough period due to their husbands’ lack of support.

Average Singaporean divorced woman faces this problem more often. They tend to believe stories and never try to find a solution to end their troubles. That’s because they don’t know whether a divorce lawyer can assist them in getting the financial support they deserve.

The financial support provided by one spouse to another after divorce is known as Alimony. As said, the court may decide to put the liability on one spouse, based on certain conditions.

Factors to Consider in Calculating Maintenance

There are a number of factors to consider. Some common factors are:

  • The period of marriage
  • Estimated amount each individual would earn in future
  • Specific disease or health issue to either one of the spouses
  • Specific needs of any of the spouses, such as, childcare, education expenses, day-today expenditures on children.

Steps to Calculate Maintenance

You can hire a lawyer at reasonable divorce fees to help you go through these steps:

  1. How long have you been together?

Marriage duration counts a lot in divorce cases, to determine the eligibility for alimony or maintenance. According to Singapore law, alimony or maintenance is granted only to women and there is no restriction of marriage duration. However, the law also has it that the couple must have spent at least three years, and have Singapore domicile to qualify for divorce Writ.

  1. Can you calculate the amount?

Only the court decides the amount of maintenance after considering all the factors. Or, both the spouses may agree to certain monthly amount without taking the matters to the court. Your divorce lawyer will help you calculate an estimated amount of alimony.

  1. Are you not working because of children?

If this is the case, the court may order child maintenance on temporary basis, until children begin schooling, giving you the time to work.

  1. Do you have the proofs?

Organize all the documents to support the claim. These documents may include:

  • CPF statements
  • Pay slips
  • Income Tax assortments, and other documents

Mention the purpose of divorce clearly with evidence. If you’re found guilty of faulty offenses, such as infidelity, chances are you’ll loose alimony and also your kids’ custody.

  1. What will court consider?

The court will consider the following, to determine the amount of maintenance:

  • Debts
  • Income
  • Future earnings capacities
  • Assets

Keep in touch with your divorce lawyer if your ex-husband would not pay you the amount regularly.