Divorce law firms in Singapore have been quite busy dealing with these issues, as the number of divorcees has climbed up quite quickly.

There has been a significant increase in divorces from 1985 to 2013. Today there are 2.5 times the divorcees as they were in 1985.

Still, there are some people who have their reservations over divorce firms. If you’re one of them, these features will build your trust in Singapore family law firms.

1. Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you have made up your mind that divorce is the only option left, better hire an experienced divorce law firm to take you out of trouble quickly. There are certain issues on which opponents show stiffness. For example, financial support, child custody, distribution of property and few others are most popular issues arising from divorce. Experienced family lawyers can help you resolve these disputes by providing arbitrating services, in order to resolve the dispute smoothly.

2. Child Custody and Support

Another fear that keeps people away from divorce has been child custody. Be realistic about it. The law is made to benefit both the parties and if you feel you’re rights are being violated, only a divorce lawyer will make sure that you get the best verdict. You may get partial custody of your children. Even if you loose custody, the court makes sure your children have access to you and you can spend some time with them.

3. Property

If there are no children, the two parties have another major dispute – Property. This issue takes a lot more time to resolve, than any other issue. This situation can only be resolved by professional interference. All assets under the possession of both the parties will be divided according to the law. You have to be prepared to loose some of it though.

4. Litigation

If the matter remains unresolved and raised into the court, a qualified family law firm will fight your case by bringing solid evidences to force the decision in your favor. This is where experience counts.

5. Mediator Services

Many family law firms offer mediators who have extensive experience of this field. He/she has dual roles to play – One, as a mediator and other, as a problem-solver. If you think you and your spouse can resolve their differences through mediation, consult a law firm immediately.

Divorce may be the only option left for you, but it’s better to let professionals help find a better way for both of you. Otherwise, either one of you will suffer worst consequences.