Going through a divorce is never a good feeling. It is quite challenging mentally as well as financially. Accordingly, there is a need of an expert professional who can take care of legal matters related to your divorce. The divorce lawyer will look after all your financial and other legal matters so that you do not face any loss other than you partner.

As much as it is important to look for a lawyer, it is equally important that you should choose an expert in the field. Therefore, the first lawyer you meet don’t necessarily have to be the one you hire for the job. However, it is also not easy for a common man to determine the skills.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the basic question and divorce resources you should ask your divorce lawyer in your very first meeting. It will not only help you to determine the skill set of your lawyer but it will also clear some of the major confusion you might have regarding your divorce.

Here are a few questions that will help you understand your lawyer and whether you want to engage his/her services.

1. Check for Divorce Specialization

The first thing to ask you lawyer is whether they specialize in divorce cases or not. In many cases, lawyers are not familiar to the complexities of divorce cases because they are not experienced enough in this domain. Ask your lawyer’s experience with divorce cases. Ask them how many cases of such nature they have handled prior to this meeting.

2. Ask for an Estimated Time

Make sure that your lawyer knows how quickly you want all of it to end. Ask your lawyer how long it can take to get done with the case. Ask them how they plan to go about the case. If the lawyer is experienced enough, they will have a clearer strategy for your case.

3. Who Else is In the Team?

This is an important question to ask. If your lawyer doesn’t work alone and has other lawyers / legal assistants to work on your case, what are the credentials of the other half of the team? Ask you lawyer if you can meet the entire team so that you have much better know how of things and people you may have to deal with.

4. Get a Complete Payment plan

Ask your lawyer how do they charge. Is it hourly rate or whether they charge for a case all at once? Also seek for payment methods beforehand so that you are saved from unnecessary misundestandings

later on. You should also ask your lawyer if there are other expenses involved like an investigator, doctor etc.

5. Get a Preview of Court’s Decision

Tell your lawyer complete details about your case and then seek for a general and possible decision from court. It will help you manage your finances as well as prepare you mentally to deal with any atrocities.