Having a good relationship with your partner is nothing less than a blessing. If you have someone that comforts you, life can be simple and enjoyable. However, if things turn out differently, a person can have a really tough time living with their partner and coping up with their expectations by compromising on various issues. Severe conditions lead to separation and ultimately divorce.
In the recent five years of Singapore history, the ratio of marriages to divorce is 4:1. This is quite a decent number as compared to other countries in the world. However, it is still concerning why people find it difficult to continue with their partners.
In this article today, we are going to discuss the reasons that force couples to take such extreme decisions. We will see if there is any other solution than permanent separation and before one seek the help of a divorce lawyer.
To start off with a general statement, societal conditions, religious beliefs, values and traditions play a vital role in divorces. However, these impacts can be dealt with and there is no real need of taking such big steps in a hurry.

Each divorce case is different and there are unique complexities attached to them. However, there are a few general aspects which are common in most divorces. We will try and mention a few of them.

Here are a few reasons that lead to divorce:

It is an unforgivable sin for a partner. If either of them is involved in any such activities, it can be too difficult to bear that person any more. A person’s trust and confidence in their partner is shattered and they find it impossible to continue together.

Stress and Rude Behavior
Stress is one of the more common causes that lead to divorce. A person might be facing financial crisis or an emotional set back. During such phases a person can become bitter and might involve in fights with their partners. During such moments, they may utter hurtful phrases which is normally a reason for divorces.

No children
Children are considered as the gluing force between parents. In many situations regardless of how bad the relations between the parents might be, they compromise for the sake of their children’s future. However, if the couple doesn’t have any children, the relation can get weaker with time. Therefore couples find it easier to leave their partner.

Difference of Beliefs
It normally happens when people marry outside their community because of love and affection for their partner. However, ignoring core values such as religious beliefs is a potential cause of divorce. Initially, couples are happy compromising on certain issues but with time, it can get frustrating enough to cause separation.

Responsibility Matters
Normally you will find couple arguing over certain responsibilities that they are accountable for towards their relationship and family. It involves blame games and fights over “who should do what”. It is a very common factor leading to divorce.

There are several other reasons that lead to separation and divorce of couples. In Singapore history desertion and infidelity are common reasons for divorces too. Other reasons for divorce include domestic violence, ignorance, Drug addiction and boredom.