1. Ensure the divorce lawyer you want to engage has many years of experience. Experience plays a large part as in complex issues, your assets, children, children custody, assets division is at stake.

2. Engage a divorce lawyer who is familiar with Singapore divorce laws. Divorce laws of countries may differ. Hence, a practicing divorce lawyer in another country may not give you the correct advice as he/she is not familiar with Singapore laws.

3. Engage a lawyer who specialises in family laws and divorce. Usually, lawyers will specialise themselves in a special track of the law, definitely a lawyer who has specialised in divorce and has handled many divorce cases would be in a better position to advise you.  Politely ask the lawyer how many cases he/she has handled and how many years etc.

4. You must be comfortable with your divorce lawyer. The divorce process will take about 2-3 months usually, hence it is important that you are comfortable with your lawyer as there will be ongoing discussions between you and your lawyer. Hence, choosing the right lawyer to work with and the right chemistry is important.