1. Choice of Lawyer

Problem: The first and perhaps the most common step that can help to make a divorce simpler to manage is to choose the right divorce lawyer. It is important to ensure that the divorce lawyer has the right kind of experience, especially in family law or divorce cases.

Solution: Ensure that the lawyer you want to engage, has years of experience. Conduct your research, seek references, and also use your own judgment to determine the right family lawyer who can handle your case.

Experience of the divorce lawyer plays a large part as complex issues such as, assets, children, children custody are at stake.

2. Fighting a Divorce Case in another Country

Problem: If you’re a foreigner going through a divorce case in a country, you have to be more careful. That’s because, you yourself are not familiar with family laws, neither would you have that much knowledge which lawyers are the best. You’d easily go for a local family lawyer who can only provide an overview regarding family laws of that particular country. That won’t be enough.

Solution: Divorce laws of countries may differ. So, if you’re suing or defending your case in Singapore, hire a divorce lawyer who knows the local laws. Getting general information from someone who doesn’t practice in the intended country, is a good way to initiate, but you have to find the expert who is proficient in their local laws for maximum protection.

3. Hiring a Specialist

Problem: In relation to the above, another major issue is the lack of awareness that lawyers who specialise in handling divorce cases exist. While specialists may sometimes command higher divorce fees, but your chances of winning the divorce case will usually improve due to the experience of the lawyer.  Or perhaps,  a court case might even be avoided with the good advice of a divorce lawyer as the case can be resolved with mediation and arbitration, With non specialist or inexperienced divorce lawyers, divorce cases tend to go normally take longer than usual.

Solution: Along with other family matters, family law deals with issues related to spouses, such as:
• Which thing belongs to which spouse?
• How much one spouse owes to another?
• How much one spouse can get from the assets, property and other belongings of another spouse?
• Who’s going to pay for remuneration?
• Who should be looking after the kids and how another spouse can contribute?
• How long do divorced parents have to take care of their biological children?
• How long one ex-spouse should provide maintenance to another?
• Is the marriage mature enough to be dissolved, or is one spouse holding the right ground to sue another spouse for remuneration?

These and many other questions pertaining with divorce can only be answered by an expert divorce lawyer. Hence, don’t forget to do your homework.