Whether you live in a society of high values, or a place where certain values are not given importance at all, your decision to live with your spouse is totally based on your personal experiences. Divorce is a sensitive topic attached with behaviors, emotions, expectations, perceptions, personal judgment and willingness to live together. One may not need being convinced whether he should, or should not, go through divorce process because circumstances differ from couples to couples and families to families.

In societies, where people are mature enough to discuss their issues and look for solutions, their decisions are not just for themselves, but for the betterment of their families as well. Sometimes,  good advice from divorce lawyer can help them act on what they’ve been thinking about previously. For example, they can learn:

  • What issues are causing trouble in relationship and what to do to prevent them
  • How to build a strong relationship based on trust and love
  • How to keep their children out of their problems
  • How to spend time with children after divorce
  • How to take care of each other financially
  • How to distribute assets and finances in case of divorce

In this context following statistics about marriage and divorce in Singapore are showing progress towards building a healthy society.


Married couples seem more interested in finding solutions to their problems. This positive aspect can be observed as follows:


There were 7,307 separations as a result of divorces and annulments. The figure may be high, but it has decreased by 2.9% as compared to previous year. The figure was 7,525 in 2013.

1. General Divorce Rate

This statistics pertains with people over 20 years of age.

  • 7.0 in every 1,000 males got divorces in 2014, compared to 7.3 in 2013
  • 5 in every 1,000 females got divorced last year. in 2013, the rate was 6.9 out of 1,000.

2. Duration of marriages ending in divorce

Median duration was 10.4 years.

3. Median Age

  • Median age for males who divorced in 2014 was 42.6 years
  • Median age for females who divorced in 2014 was 38.4 years


There were 28,407 marriages in Singapore. The figure indicates rise in marriages by 8.2% as compared to the previous year. In 2013, the figure was 26,254.

1. General Marriage Rate

  • Among every 1,000 unmarried males aged between 15 and 49 years, 44.4 got married last year.
  • Among every 1,000 unmarried females aged between 15 and 49 years, 40.8 got married in 2014.

Two significant aspects derived from general marriage rate are as follows:

2. First marriages

In 2014, the proportion of first marriage among males was 83%. Among females who married last year, 85.3% were married for the first time.

3. Median Age

  • Median age for males who married for the first time was 30.2 years
  • Median age for females who married for the first time was 28.2 years


Counselling sessions pertaining with marriage and childcare have made a real impact in many societies. Although, odds are still in favor of divorce, quite a few people have learnt how to build a strong foundation for marriage.