According to TodayOnline, marriage rates in Singapore fell by 6% in 2013, as compared to previous year. On the other hand, there’s been significant rise in marital dissolution (divorces and annulments) during this period.

As divorces are increasing, Singaporean people need to know their rights and liabilities, or they’d suffer worse consequences. If you have finally made your decision to end your relationship, the right divorce lawyer Singapore will take you through the divorce process smoothly.

Here are 10 tips to follow while hiring a divorce lawyer in Singapore

1. Don’t Share Your Intentions With Your Spouse:
Don’t disclose that you’re going to take this step. Hide the news from your spouse for a certain period. Otherwise, anticipating divorce your spouse will draw off assets and other property.

2. Family and Kids Custody:
Experienced divorce lawyer Singapore will refer you to specialized people who would council you on family and Kids custody.

3. Seek Assistance and Keep Searching:
You can get assistance in following ways:

  • You can seek advice from close friends and relatives.
  • Surf internet and learn divorce procedures and qualified lawyers in this field.
  • There are other resources to get assistance, such as Free legal clinics and AWARE

4. Find Support Mechanism:
Talking to someone closer to you will relieve stress. You can also join groups to share your emotions. You can also discuss your issues with the representatives of NCSS (National Council of Social Service) or AWARE and release stress.

5. Be Clear About Your Needs:
Understand what you exactly want from the divorce. Is this step taken in harmony, or otherwise? What kind of divorce lawyer Singapore do you prefer?
At the same time, don’t expect that your lawyer will heal your emotional wounds, a therapist would do that. Don’t expect him or her to get everything you want. To avoid contested trial, you can resolve other disputes with your spouse through counseling.

6. Research Thoroughly Before Hiring:
You might go for the first one you choose, but it can be a huge mistake. Best approach would be to pick 3 best lawyers and check their history. If you think you’re unable to pay for the divorce case, apply to Legal Aid Bureau for assistance.

7. Remove Every Doubt:
You can only remove your doubts by asking experts. Ask as much as you can and increase your information. Never hesitate to ask apparently irrelevant questions. Be honest with your story and tell each and everything related to your case. Meet associates and colleagues and keep yourself updated with day-to-day progress of your case.

8. Be Alert:
Make sure the lawyer you’re hiring is professional enough to keep your secrets. He must treat you with respect and pays attention to your information.

9. Calculate the Cost:
Calculate the expected cost of the case and prepare a budget including lawyer fee, documentation cost and other related expenses.

10. Stay Composed:
You know that divorce will hurt you. So, prepare yourself for “Give ‘n Take” and don’t get emotional while negotiating on assets. Try to resolve quickly to cut down your expenses.

Since you now know the basics, hire a professional and qualified divorce lawyer Singapore to represent your case.